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We love TripAdvisor when booking our own travel and will refer to other traveller reviews when selecting places to stay, restaurants to visits and any tours to consider.  According to a recent study performed by OneScore on Trip Advisor regarding Traveller booking habits it was found that Worldwide over 57% of travellers refer to TripAdvisor before booking a hotel and over 54% visit TripAdvisor before confirming a flight booking! (March, 2018)


TripAdvisor is a fantastic resource for comparing!  We advise you to do just that - use as a resource not as a sole trip planning tool.  They will sort through the online booking platforms and give you the best price, which is exactly what a good Travel Agent will do.  What you won't get is the personalised stuff - is the cheapest price compromising your room type?  Will the cheapest price on a flight mean should you need to make changes you will get stung with exorbitant fees and/or you are responsible for spending hours on the phone sorting out the mess for yourself.  Then there is the time, stress/anxiety and sorting through the enormous amount of information!  Travel Agents will ensure you get the best price for what YOU need and be there to deal with the airlines and tour booking agents etc.  With little or no charge, it really is an easy option to book via a Travel Agent 😊

We welcome you to read our reviews and Trip Advisor contributions for our business and leisure travel.  Then Contact Us to start planning your next holiday destination.