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Eurostar, Rail Passes & Great Train Journeys

Trains are a convenient mode of short, medium and long distance travel across many areas of Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, Asia, China & Russia.  Many of these have a dense and widely used railway network. For short distances, trains are fast, reliable and frequent. For longer distances they can be preferable to flying for several reasons. Trains have more spacious and comfortable interiors, many offer scenic routes, and do not require long waits at security like at airports. They usually run more frequently as well, and take their travellers to railway stations located in or very close to city centres, whereas airports, especially the ones that budget airliners fly into, can be up to 100 km away from the city centre, requiring expensive and time-consuming connecting services. Ultimately, many people may choose the train over the plane for the feeling of romantic travel they provide

Below is a brief description of the most popular types of rail travel tickets available. For more information contact us now.

Rail Passes
Available in Europe, UK, Japan, Asia, USA & Canada. 
If you're planning a longer journey with many stops, but you don't like a fixed itinerary, a rail pass is the best choice. The rail pass will usually allow you unlimited travel within a specified number of days.

Point to Point Tickets
We can offer shorter and long distance journeys between favourite cities in Europe, the UK and USA.

Eurostar runs between three of Europe's most exciting cities Paris, London and Brussels at 300km/h. Eurostar is the world's most advanced train, whisking you under the sea through the famous Channel Tunnel (chunnel) taking you from London to Paris (and vice versa) or London to Brussels (and vice versa) in record time and in luxurious surroundings.

Great Train Journeys
World class travel experiences on some of the finest trains in the world - such as Rovos Rail and the Blue Train in Africa, the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, The Ghan and Indian Pacific of Australia, the Danube Express in Europe, The Silk Road between Beijing and Moscow, the Coastal Pacific of New Zealand, Maharajas' Express in India and much more


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